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If you haven’t noticed yet, I can never stay with one hairstyle for too long. I love changing my hair as I always end up looking like a totally different individual. This time I did go a little out of my comfort zone but I love it as it definitely makes me stand out.

Photographer: Vince Oyolo

Being a Naturalista, styling options are limited to coloring my hair, cutting it, and maybe loc it. Well, as much as I love color, I’m afraid of dyeing my hair and thus the next best thing is  to get a colored wig or braids, specifically crochet braids. I’ve been itching to get grey crochet twists for a few months now, and I finally did it.

When we speak of long term protective styles, the first options that come to mind are usually sew-in weaves, wigs, braids and/or twist hairstyles.  Crochet braids are a lesser known, but equally great protective style that works wonderfully for natural, relaxed and transitioning  hair.

Crochet braids are a styling technique that involves braiding your hair into a cornrow base. Just like with a sew-in, various braiding patterns are used for different looks – straight back, circular and more.

After your hair has been braided, loose (bulk) hair is attached to the cornrows using a latch hook, which is how this style got its name – “crochet braids.”  You may choose to use either human or synthetic hair but curly textures give the best results because their fullness usually hides the cornrows and attached hair.

There are no chemicals, thread, bonding glue or any other adhesives used to create the style.  All of your hair is braided down, making it a full protective style.  You are able to wash, condition and moisturize your hair beneath the hair the same way you would with a sew-in weave.  Crochet braids generally last about 6-8 weeks with proper care.

One of the advantages to crochet braids is they place less tension on your hair than weaves because no thread  or sewing is involved.  Also, synthetic hair seems to work well with this style, costing much less than investing in human hair extensions.

The Water Test

The answer is yes! This is safe for water use. Yes my head gets big with this hair but I am able to swim laps and perform synchronized swimming lol. All this being said, the style might not last as long if you do swim regularly.

To remove the style, you simply cut the extensions close to but not through the knot, apply a bit of oil for lubrication, then lightly pull the hair loose from your cornrow.

I happen to do mine with my bestie and Hair Stylist: Monday Makdwallo . She does house calls and so is perfect for people who do not love salons. I am happy with my results and cant wait to dress up this hair.

Would you try on this color? let me know in the comment section below.

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