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Dungarees time! You guys might not believe this, but back in the day, i was the ultimate Tom boy. So you can guess how excited i was when Dungarees came back to style. Denim overalls are my favorite! I love how cute and effortless they look, giving off that Boyish theme, yet when styled right they can look so current! The lighter blue slouchy styles are the best and the most versatile! and on that note, i am still currently on the hunt for faded blue ones, so if anybody knows where to get some, Holla at your girl!

Maybe its just me, but i feel like i I shouldn’t have given away all my clothes from my childhood or else I would have a whole bunch of vintage clothing right now, ha-ha. I recently got this black ones that i find super cute, they are slightly high waist-ed, straight at the bottom and fitting on the hips thus can be played around with for pretty much any kind of look you would like! all it would take is a little accessorizing! but don’t worry, i got y’all, i will be showing you how to wear them in so many different ways, so keep checking the blog 😉 On my two cents about Dungarees, they are perfect for this Nairobi weather and definitely worth purchasing one!

In this look i was going for a Comfy, eye catching, versatile and with a touch of African. Hope you like it 🙂

Love and Love



yes full outfit (2)

neck details yes (2)

IMG_0018 (2)

IMG_0021 (2)

crop edge full body (3)



Hat: Thrift (Toi Market)

Shirt: Atmosphere

Dungaree: H&M

Bag: Zara

Watch: Aldo

Shoes: Bata (Ngoma)

Accessories: Maasai Market

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