Wrap series; The Leso Flower crown

I thought I should start by first explaining what a Leso is. The leso or khanga; from the old Bantu (Kiswahili) verb ku-kanga, to wrap or close, is a colourful garment similar to kitenge, worn by women and occasionally by men throughout the African Great Lakes region. It is a piece of printed cotton fabric, about 1.5m by 1m, often with a border along all four sides (called pindo in Swahili), and a central part (mji) which differs in design from the borders.(Haha I totally copy pasted that from Wikipedia :D)

This wrap definitely screams my mom I think I will do a shoot with her to show you what I mean when I say she loves wraps. It was made from one of the lesos I got from my dad so as to promote book reading for children in the rural area. I love the colors on it and thought it would be the perfect one to use for the flower crown. we used striking make up and a simple necklace to complement its colors and it worked out perfectly.

The wrap is really straight forward as Monday tied my hair in a low bun and wraped it around it.The good news is i will soon post a Youtube video on how to do it. so look foward to it 🙂

Otherwise enjoy the pictures and as always feel free to leave a comment:)
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Photography: Brian Adagala and Mark Karibiu
Hair and Make up: Monday Makdwallo

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