Wrap Series; The African Woman

I have wanted to do a head wrap series since the blog was back up, so when Brian finally accepted to do a shoot for me I was super excited. I had shown my makeup artist Monday 101 ideas of the concepts that I wanted to do and she was more than ready to do the shoot when I asked her.

African women wear crowns on their heads because they are Queens. The African head wrap is becoming a staple fashion accessory in the Fashion world as it can completely change up and or complete an outfit. The wrap goes way back to my mum who is a wrap fanatic, I love how she uses various clothing to make them and thus my inspiration comes from her.
This particular number was done with 2 scarfs with my hair tied in a bun to give it more character. I was having a debate on what colors to use but I love how we blended shouting orange and faded grey it totally made sense.
My makeup was very neutral so as to not contrast the already bright wrap. I love how the final pictures came up and hope you will too.
AW, I will be posting a new wrap every Wednesday for the next three weeks, so keep checking out for them 
I am also thinking of doing tutorials for you guys so if interested let me know so I show you guys how to do some of them.
Kadenyi and Yimbiha - African Woman Wrap
Kadenyi and Yimbiha - African Woman Wrap
Kadenyi and Yimbiha - African Woman Wrap
Kadenyi and Yimbiha - African Woman Wrap
of course i had to so a collaboration shoot with Monday Makdwallo ,Have i told you that her blog is finally up? (Link) Check it out for more 🙂

Lots of love

Photography and Directing: Brian Adagala and Mark Karubiu
Editing: Derrick Chitala
Hair and makeup : Monday Makdwallo


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  • Beth Gomez

    Wonderfully beautiful!

    • mm

      Aww, Thank you so much

  • Karungari Kahende

    You’re making me consider adapting wraps into my style too!!! Maybe a tutorial on how to do good wraps. My worry would be sweating while having a wrap on. Provide tips on the same to safe some of us!

    • mm

      Ah, glad to, and okay, I’m working on how to shoot YouTube videos then I’ll definitely post some, the material should be light if you want to not sweat, but also there tricks to letting your head breathe, I’ll post them soon

  • Kesho

    Love love love! 🙂 And by popular demand you simply have to get a Youtube account! The fact that you were able to pull of two wraps in one is crazy. Those of us who can barely put a headband on :p would appreciate a tutorial very much.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • mm

      Omgosh, I can’t believe my message didn’t go through, that’s my bad. We actually do have an You Tube account, it’s still Kadenyi and yimbiha, I’m currently learning how to make those videos so soon enough I will start posting wrap tutorials for you Then we can all be experts

  • Wakio

    Well Well Michelle, I really love this post. Way to go and so damn proud of you!!!!!!!! You look STUNNING!!!!!!!

    • mm

      Awww, Thank you love I had a great team working with me, They did an excellent job, But thank you

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