It is official! The Nairobi weather is officially bi-polar! You can wake up early one morning and its pouring cats and dogs, so being the health conscious person, you quickly pick up your warmest outwear pieces. I am talking about the sweaters and Jackets and get ready for the frosty weather. But no sooner does two to three hours pass does the sun decide to come out with a vengeance. Now you are sweating all over the place because now you are overdressed.
We have forgotten about jackets, and not just any jackets but Trench coats. They have made a major comeback since the 80’s styles but due to them being considered winter clothes, it has not been a famous choice for Nairobians. The good news is that they have gone through various evolution’s that have made them comfortable to wear in warmer weather. My current favorites are the light fabric ones in black, olive green, nude, brown or even white ones that give most outfits a luxurious but yet manly touch to them.
I recently got this brown one that I am absolutely obsessed with mostly because of its color, cut and buttons. I paired it by layering it with an electric blue button-down shirt with the cutest gold buttons. This style of shirts is one piece of design that can be worn by both men and women that gives it a chic and casual look. I chose a chiffon top because it can breathe. That is the secret ladies, light tops. They absorb the heat when worn with a jacket thus keeping you warm and let in air (breathes) when the coat is off thus making them perfect for this weather. To finish the look I wore some blue distressed jeans, a brown bag and brown flat boots which I think finished the current trendy Boyfriend look. This outfit can be transformed by just playing around with the long, slightly over sized sleeves by just rolling them up.
I think this look is definitely an everyday look but can also be worn in relaxed school or office event that does not require one to wear official clothing. One looks stylish but is still respectful the fact that it’s an organizational gathering.
I have changed my hair, it is so big and long and I am absolutely in love with it. As a naturalista, I am big on protective styling which is basically keeping your ends safe and tucked. I decided to try crotchet braids (which is the current trend with the natural hair people) because it is the kind of hairdo that requires very little daily upkeep and help strands stay moisturized. On top of all these, it helps promote hair growth since there is minimal pulling thus prevents shedding. I have been playing around with it and will soon be showing you guys how to style such big hair.
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Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench teasers (9)
Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (7)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (3)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (1)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (11)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (8)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (5)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (9)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (12)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (10)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Trench (4)

Photography: Derrick Chitala
Trench: Design by House (heritage clothing)
Sunglasses:Toi market
Watch: Gifted
Jeans:Forever 21
Boots: George

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