Tips For Wearing Black and White

Today, we pick up where we left off  with the black and white theme.

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Spring is around the corner and winter is quickly going to be forgotten. Spring wear is everywhere and I’m looking forward to the pale creams and whites that come with it.

Here are the things you should keep-in-mind when it comes to these black and white looks.

Number one:  it’s easy. You know… there are those mornings when you are in a rush and you don’t have time to coordinate colors. What do you do? Wear black and white. This means, you don’t have to worry about whether or not those burgundy pants go with that powder blue top.

Number two: it’s flattering. Black and white will almost always make you look slim and slender. A pair of black pants will instantly make you legs look tall and lean. The same thing can’t be said for white, so unless you’re tall and have legs for days, I would advise that you think twice before wearing white trousers or denim as they can make you appear wider than you really are.

And last but not least, black and white will almost always look chic. With little to worry about when it comes to wearing black and white looks just make sure the clothes fit you correctly and you’ll be set. This contrasting color combination is universal, very appealing and you can easily adapt it to your personality and comfort level.

This is my weekend black and white look, well almost black and white, I snuck in some color with the accesories. It’s a little badass with the Choker and hair, feminine with the decorate sleeve on the blouse, slimming with the super black cropped jeans and stylish with the embellished flat forms.

You can add your own flare to this two tone ensemble by picking a single piece you want to wear and just build on from that. For example, I started this look off with the white blouse. I then wanted to tone down the shirts daintiness with a leather bag which made wearing black jeans a given because of the black and white theme. And voila, that was my thought process for this look.

Oufit Details

Shirt and Pants: Zara

Choker: Nairobi Stalls

Bag: African Lily

Bangles: Maasai market

Shoes: Thrifted (Toi Market)


Now lets talk about this bag, Have you ever bought a ‘leather’ bag that started peeling off? well African Lily  will never let you down. I remember struggling in uni looking for the perfect school bag that will  carry my laptop and books while still making me fabulous. well this is the bag for you, its black, 100% leather, hand stitched and African made.  We should support Kenyan designers people. Thia bag will  never go out of style as well as keep you styling!

Tell me about a black and white outfit you recently wore.

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