Boxing Day BBQ, The Roast Carnivore

Are you scratching your head at this title? I still am too. Here it is in a nutshell: Kadenyi and Yimbiha is a Fashion Travel ans Lifestyle blog but we have really neglected the Travel and Lifestyle part. Well this year there is going to be a game change as I am personally making sure I hit all topics regularly.

Yup, you’re reading that correctly, I promise. We plan to start sharing more experiences in all topics and I’m sure all of you will love it as much as the fashion part. Now, in the beginning the lifestyle fun will be more localized, sharing some of the special areas of Nairobi and Warsaw. We want to start off slow and then build it up.

A lifestyle blog gives us the ability to share more than just food in our posts, which makes us happy. We still plan on keeping a focus to our other blog posts, and having fun while at it.

Nestled in between the tourist-traps of The hub Karen, is a little slice of Kenya. I love my  BBQ food, I love nothing more than Nyama choma (Bbq) , fries, and a cocktail to take it down. And The roast, which is a branch of Carnivore,  is a substitute from the sometimes too long a drive to the original one.

It was a quiet Sunday evening in the restaurant, so we got a booth right under a skylight (hello, photos people) by the side of the restaurant, and checked out the menu.

I have heard so much rave about the hub and we had to check it out with my sister, I thought this was the best time as the place is isolated as people had gone home for holidays. After doing some window shopping and feeling famished we decided to try out The roast which is right at the ground floor.

You can spot my excitement after doing a round to check out the place 🙂

Their menu is pretty basic bbq one ranging from sandwiches, burgers, salads, sides and bites and the meat section You get to choose from  a pulled pork sandwich or pulled beef salad, ribs or meat platters or in the bites section you get to savour some roast bbq wings or ugali fritters.

They also have a drinks menu which has a range of cocktails, spirits, wines, soft drinks,  fresh juices and water.

Do you spot the offer they have at the bottom?

We ordered the blaze which is a 900g meat platter. The meat options included sausage, pork ribs, bbq chicken, grilled lamb chops served with kachumbari. We choose the large fries as a side. The fries were really good, crunchy not greasy. Everything in the platter was awesome but the lamb chops definitely take the cake.

At every table, this little basket contains, Ketchup, Hot Tabasco salt, Fresh Black Pepper, serviettes, Toothpicks, and hand sanitize-rs, LOL! I just liked the picture guys.

Gradually the food came out, and while I wasn’t brave enough to put some Tabasco sauce but I did have the regular old Ketchup sauce and it was awesome.

The fries were so so good so I definitely had to give them a shout out too! For drinks I had the Mojito while my sister opted for the cocktail juice and water.

The restaurant itself has a very modern but edgy feel to it, and it totally reminded me of those movies set up deep  south of America. You know,  Those cute bars and restaurants in the small towns that are all rustic and make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.


All in all, I had a great experience at the roast, great drinks, good service and amazing food so i would definitely recommend it.

Now n  to a little fashion bit, I know y’all are curious about what I wore so I did a mini shoot with my phone at the mall 😛

Outfit Details

Dress: Calvin Klein

Choker: Nairobi Stalls

Watch: Aldo

Sandals: Centro

Do you guys know of any other restaurants I should try out in Nairobi? Lemme know in the comment section below.

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