The Expert in Anything was Once a Beginner

The blog is finally back up! *Does a happy dance*. It’s been such a long time coming we have been trying to re-start the blog for quite some time now and today it’s finally here.  So for those who did not know about the old blog, let me give you a small intro… My name is Michelle Kadenyi and thus explains the handle (Kadenyi_M), I am a Kenyan girl who Lives in Nairobi, Kenya and super excited to share this new journey with you guys.

I’m going to be writing about some of the greatest loves of my life which are FASHION and TRAVEL. It’s what makes me happy, what gets me excited, what inspires me, and what gets me dreaming at all odd and even hours of the day. The goal of this blog is to share with you guys what  I’m currently  wearing and thinking of in terms of trends, a garment or accessory, street fashion, or something that I’ve seen on television, the internet or a magazine. Also, I would like to share a few fashion tips and creative projects that I’m working on, have done, or planning to do [like an inspiration board]. Other than that I will be showcasing my travels and destination perks, and  of course  review them but mostly I will be sharing fashion stories of my own, whether it be good or bad.

I am hoping that If I blog successfully throughout the next year, I will have inspired some Kenyan girls to stop hiding their inner fashionista and hopefully show off their own version of what fashion is to them ,as  you know, Africa IS the new fashion hub  😉

Enough with my blabbering, it’s the excitement adrenaline talking; Here is our first post, hope y’all love it! And feel free to leave a comment below.

Love and Love









Hat – H&M

Dress – Top Shop

Necklace – Nairobi town stalls

Bag – Old Maasai Market

Rings- Maasai Market

Shoes – Francesco Milano


Now this is the part where Yimbiha (the other half) adds her 2 cents. 😉 I on the other hand live in Warsaw, Poland.

I am burroffcos  freaking out here too. A tad bit more than Kadenyi and were it not for her, I would have probably postponed the relaunching of the website (this is by the way after three photoshoots on three different days). Who knew taking photos at night was such a task! So big up to my friend Martyna for her patience 🙂 and agreeing to tag along to do the shoots with me. For Kadenyi giving me the much needed thumbs up 🙂 and for all of you guys who have been with us from the very beginning (and for all of our joining us…you made the right choice 😉 ) Also most importantly, Thank you Ian for all the IT support and for always replying to my panic emails, SMSes and phone calls even during the very ungodly hours. You Rock!

Without further ado:





Top & Skirt: Kozacki Mops

Bag: Guess

Watch: Michael Kors

Shoes: Steve Madden


Don’t forget to follow us on snapchat: ‘Kadenyi’ for Kadenyi and ‘Yimbiha’ for Yimbiha 🙂 pretty straight forward huh. We share our daily lives with you there and things tend to get silly so make sure you aren’t missing out.

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  • migalusia

    Congratulations .
    So proud of you two & looking gorgeous

    • mm

      Thank you so much!!! 🙂

    • Charo

      Very interesting & inspiring; wishing you guys the best.

      • mm
        The Duo

        Thank you so much Charo

  • Tj Evans

    So proud of yall. Beautiful pictures.

    • mm
      The Duo

      Thank you TJ for your kind words and feedback 🙂

  • Mura

    So proud of you! Love the blog so far keep up the good work.

    • mm
      The Duo

      Thank you Mura 🙂

  • Bodo

    Congratulations to both of you! You can do big things with a small team. You two worked for ten people

    • mm
      The Duo

      Thank you so much Bodo 🙂 The sleepless nights did pay off 🙂

  • migalusia

    Congratulations kadenyi & yimbiha ☝️☝☝The world is now your playing field.
    You do me proud

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