Pink Blazer

I’ve been saying for a while now that blazers are the must-have part of every woman’s wardrobe. The beauty of them is that they can be found in so many versatile styles and colors and as such can be part of versatile outfit combos. The norm has been to wear Strong solid colors but have you ever thought of choosing some pastel shade, for instance a pale pink?

This shade will completely change your wardrobe especially with the sun peeping here and there. The reason why I love this color is because It can be combined with any other pastel shade, and also it looks great with the neutral colors – black, white and grey. This is why I wore my pale pink blazer over some (well maybe) monochromatic outfit to create a contrast and thus makes my outfit less boring.

I paired my plain white vest with one of my favorite African print skinny jeans for an effortless look. I will be doing a lot o outfits with it once summer is upon us again just to showcase some of the many possible ways to wear a pale pink blazer that i am sure you will fall in love with. So until then, Enjoy this mini Inspiration 🙂

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Photographer: Laurent Bosire

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (2)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (8)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (3)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (4)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (6)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (7)

Kadenyi and Yimbiha - Pink (5)

Outfit Details

Jacket: S.L RIAHH

Necklace: Nairobi stalls

Bracelet and Rings: Maasai Market

Vest Top: Forever 21

Watch: Aldo

Pants: Woodin Le Createur (Nigeria)

Flats: Charles and Keith

Lipstick: Mac – Cyber




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  • panorama254

    Couldn’t tell if this was about the blazer, the pants or the whole outfit because the way you’ve pieced it up is superb . Bag or clutch with this number? And as pink as the blazer or as blue at the pants

    • mm

      Hello, first of all, thank you for all the compliments. The post is all about the pink blazer, I think it should be a wardrobe staple in most girls wardrobes. Either one would work (bag or clutch) just make sure it works with the color scheme of the outfit you chose to wear. Thanks again for checking out the blog, I do appreciate it

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