My Little White OTS Dress

What is OTS you ask? OFF THE SHOULDERS TREND is back in business baby! As I have said over and over, apparently everything that was once hot in the 90s is too cool to not do again.

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Let’s jump right in, shall we? Off-Shoulder looks are the latest hype in fashion. The typical silk blouse, bandeau tops, off-the-shoulder dresses and jumpsuits that show off your clavicle are seen everywhere these days. If you’re not ready to jump right in, what about a cleverly cut jumper, shirt or body suit? Anything goes, really! and it still  gives the people some eye candy you know.

Spring is the perfect time to play around with different takes on things and personally, I like to show some shoulder or a little peek of bare skin here or there. Welcome spring and summer! So before I go on an overhaul with these tops (Yall have been warned)  let me give you all my OTS (off the shoulder) advice here in one place. So that y’all get those shoulders out and ready.

Which is the right OTS for you?

There is an OTS dress and top out there for everyone. And there are so many to choose from, across all budgets, that finding one to suit is something you could easily make a mission for the season ahead.

Petite sisters: some OTS styles are too long and have simply too much fabric for your frame but there are plenty of streamlined styles available that really work for your shape.

If you are shorter then a longer OTS top can be tucked at the front into jeans, shorts or a skirt to show your waist. Some OTS tops are long enough to become short dresses.

Curvy sisters: Floaty and streamlined styles will suit. The floaty OTS tops that have an overlay of fabric falling to the top of the waist essentuate the body giving the illusion of shape.

That’s it Folks, you are now fully equipped. Here is my first take in 2017 for the OTS trend.

Outfit Details

Dress: Gifted

Choker: Nairobi Stalls

Bangle: Maasai Market

Watch: Casio

Bag: African Lily

Sandals: Centro

This dress is very Bohemia with the detail and quite roomy which makes it stay down a lot better than some of the other OTS dresses I have and the fabric is thick so it will last you some time! I try and stay away from SUPER thin pieces that you’ll get two wears out of and then have to donate it to goodwill because the fabric just doesn’t hold up.

I paired it with my white sandals + colorful accessories, my vintage watch and my current favorite Brand African Lily. Having already introduced you to 2 of there other bags here and here that are completely different from this one. If you are not a backpack or huge handbag kind of girl, then this sling bag is the answer. The outer layer is suede while the inside is 100% leather. it has a minimal white string that just finishes the look and I love it.

I have so many ways you can DIY yourself one to fit most styles if you cant find your style in stores,  so if interested, lemme know in the comment section down below 🙂

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