My first actual commercial shoot…

So my 2nd photoshoot yet…
I woke up at 3 in the morning for hair and make up, and only for the shoot to start 11!!!
I was very nervous, in fact I froze for the first 5 minutes…but the photographer was really nice so I eased up…
The designs (of which am in love with) are my very good friends Adasa
Makdwallo and her sister Monday Makdwallo who form Makdwallo Sisters
Gallery (M.S.G) and the shoes from All Divas Brand Collection.

I will try get more pictures but for now enjoy
Oh and also I will try posting at least once a week, sorry for the silence….

Photographer: Thomson Ncube
Designer: Makdwallo Sisters Gallery
Make-Up: Adasa Makdwallo
Hair: Monday Makdwallo
Shoes: All Divas Brand Collection
Models: Kadenyi, Fiona, Bev, Eliza, Ivy, Sandy, Wakio
Location: Arboretum Nairobi, Kenya








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