Monochrome Me

This was my first, and only, analog photoshoot. who knew posing still could be so hard!!!! I know my eyes are closed the whole time…sorry, the lashes were so heavy that by the time the picture was taken my eyelids gave up and closed 😀
Photographer: Bartosz Jakubiec
Model: Me
Make-up and stylist: Coming soon 🙂

PS: No digital manipulation whatsoever 🙂



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  • Borys Skrzyński - fotografie

    pierwsze najlepsze :-)))

    • Vanessa KJ

      Prawda. I jedyny na ciemnym tle! Planujemy z Bartkiem spotkać na kolejne gdzie będziemy używać czarnego tła 🙂 A my możemy już bo brakuje naszych zdjęć 🙂

  • Yvonne Rapando

    I have no idea if closing eyes is a bad thing but I think the photos are great. I like the change of poses in every photo, it makes me anticipate for more! Nice 🙂

    • Vanessa KJ

      It isnt bad but having your eyes closed throughout the shoot isn't good either 🙂 but thanx 🙂

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