This year has to be the biggest haul yet when it came to receiving outfit pieces from my amazing sisters. I happen to be in a family of seven girls which means gifts galore!, All my sisters are the best gift givers and I want to dedicate this post to them to say thank you so much for providing me with the most critical pieces that make my wardrobe what it is today.

My love for maxis shall never die, I mean they are the most comfortable and stylish piece of clothing one can own in their wardrobe. This particular colourful Maxi dress I got from Migalusia makes me so happy, I Love the blends of blue and yellow and green that blend into an artistic and bold pattern. The dress is strapless, holds you at the bust area and then sets off hanging effortlessly making it easy and comfortable to wear.

My sister Jemo who constantly brings me loads of make-up and teaching me how to use it gave us the inspiration for this shoot with her signature gold eye shadow. I coupled the dress with a simple cute clutch still from Migalusia and a white an sky blue cute sandals gifted to me by other sister Andisi who by the way is the reason I joined the Natural hair movement (Yep! Thank her in advance for all the awesome hair tips I will be giving all my natural hair sisters). I accessorized it with simple bangle that I pulled up to give a little boho touch to the look and my new favourite watch from the gorgeous Yimbiha who absolutely understood my love for strappy watches, gave me an interchangeable one, so yay to one watch with so many looks!. To finish the look I tied my hair in a bun with bands from the lovely Kavesta who gave me a pack of multi-coloured bands that I adore to this day and a simple necklace.

I think this outfit is perfect for so many occasions – a fun day out, an outdoor summery wedding or even just a Sunday brunch.

Love and love










Photography by Edwin Nderitu & Aiko Photography/ MUA by Monday Makdwallo

Dress: Krisp

Watch: Aldo

Bag: Nine west

Shoes: Centro

Accessories: Gifted ☺

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  • Inez

    The dress is cute Kadenyi!! The Ushanga my my it compliments the dress so well. Go go go KadenyiYimbiha!!!!!!

    • mm

      Awww, Thank you so much auntie 🙂 we will continue for sure! we appreciate the support 🙂

  • Virginia Wangui Ngugi


    • mm

      Wow, i am touched, glad to inspire you and will hopefully continue to 🙂

  • Mura

    Your website looks beautiful! As do you. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • mm

      Thank you so much Mura, we will do our best to do so 🙂

  • Charo

    The Maxi dress style will always live on through time In my perspective, I have felt/feel women that donned that type of dress represented themselves as “well groomed”. The fact that the dress does not reveal a lot makes the imagination wander (spoken like a man). In my view the beauty and elegance of a lady is well pronounced with a Maxi.

    • mm

      Hello Charo, apologies for taking so long to reply, i have been undergoing some technical problems but now i am back, i totally agree with you, maxis are timeless pieces that will forever stay in fashion, haha and you totally nailed what i was going for in this outfit. thank you so much for checking out the blog and commenting, i highly appreciate it.

      • Charo

        You welcome

  • George Kamau

    I bumped into you two ladies on Sunday when you’re doing your thing,that stranger remember me?of course you do.
    I dig whats going on on this blog.crazy good. a fan already yoh!!


    • mm

      Hi George,
      Yes, of course i remember you, we met in town yesterday, i appreciate you checking the blog, and please continue being a fan, we will do our best to keep it coming 🙂

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