All You Need To know About Flare Jeans

There’s something so incredibly liberating and raw about the 70s that I confess I find in this decade and its return in fashions incredibly irresistible in that very sexy and particularly wild sort of way.

Photographer: Vince Oyolo

If you’re a hardcore skinny jeans fan, I imagine that you may be a little bit uneasy about wearing flared jeans. When I first started noticing flared jeans in stores and online, I wondered if that meant skinny jeans were going “out” of fashion. That thought made me panic a little bit, because I love my skinny jeans!

After further observation, I’ve concluded that flares are an addition to the relevant silhouettes…not a replacement. Skinny jeans are flattering, easy to wear…and most of the time, length is not an issue. You definitely can’t say that about flared jeans. For tall girls, it can feel next to impossible to find a pair that doesn’t look like flood pants. For short girls (like me), it’s frustrating to find the perfect pair of jeans, only to have to cut 6″ off the bottom and ruin the perfect flare.


High waist. In flared styles a high waist will add more curves, or play up your curves if you’ve got them. Plus they will elongate your silhouette.

Skinny on the legs & fitted on the hips. It’s about balance, and creating a flattering silhouette: tiny waist, long body, slightly curved.

Length. THIS is the trickiest part. Make sure their hem ends a few inches above your shoe soles. They should be long enough to have your heels or platforms peek a bit from underneath, but not so long that you step on their hem. Too long flares will make you look short and homeless. Unless of course you can master the hobo-chic look. Then you’re good.

Stick with a colour palate that you’re comfortable with – no need to take more than one “fashion risk” at a time!

Wear your heels – this is an important one if you’re petite. Though I did not wear any in this ensemble, Heels help to elongate your legs and emphasize the flare in the jean.


They look better with short tops, waist-length jackets, blazers, cardigans etc., because of the silhouette. Longer styles, or oversized might make you look frumpy and lost in layers and fabrics. Unless of course we look like models. Then we’re good.

My favourite tops to wear flared jeans with are a tucked in classic shirt, boho-inspired net/lace tops or a simple t-shirt layered with a leather jacket, or a retro cute sweater. Oh, and crop tops. Definitely crop tops.

Outfit Details

Hat: Atmosphere

Sunglasses: Thrifted (Toi Market)

Shirt and Jeans : Next

Bangle: Nairobi Stalls

Bag: H&M

Sandals: Forever 21

Wide-leg denim is both forgiving and flattering, accentuating the curves you actually want to accentuate.

Theoretically flared 70s jeans do not look good with flats. In my case, and solely my case, I beg to differ. Or I used to. But that’s only because of lack of other options. Actually flats and sneakers were just about the only shoes I could do with flared jeans to keep them long enough. If I climbed on heels or platforms I’d risk looking like a flamenco in culottes.

Denim has never read so classic as in a pair of wide-leg jeans

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