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First post.

Kadenyi here with her first post, so just like Yimbiha, I have tried to venture in modeling, it is fun, I did an earlier shoot before this, but sadly I can’t get the pictures, I will try continuing with modeling and see how it goes J Photographer: Elsa Monday Make Up: Adasa Makdwallo Location: Nairobi, Kenya  

Forest/Lake Nymphs(to be updated)

This was my last photoshoot. I did participate in other shoots but im still waiting for the rest of the pictures, as for now, enjoy the few 🙂 Photographer: Paulina Gasek Makeup: Magda Model: Me Location: Plock, Poland.  

Army Baracks Ruins

This was by far the most challenging shoot. I got introduced to the photographers by my most favourite fashion person Ewa. The reason why it was so challenging was the weather went from warm to super cold(the rain, the wind!)!!!! Talk about winter in spring! Thinking warm helped me hide the cold as well as the gentleman Pawel is coz everytime he wasnt shooting, he …